How does the County Commission spend $2.4 billion?

In 2018, Hennepin County budgeted expenses at about $2.4 billion dollars. To put that in perspective, Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s combined net-worth is just one-half of what the County will spend each year.


So, how does the County Commission spend $2.4 billion?

There are three main ways that the County Board spends money: allocating, implementing, and operating.

  1. Allocating – An example of how Hennepin County allocates funds is North Point
    Health & Wellness Center. The County allocates $41 million for this important resource, which is governed by a board of community members in conjunction with Hennepin County.

  2. Implementing – Hennepin County receives funds from other groups, like the federal government, but is responsible for carrying out this work. An example of this is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also called SNAP which provides low-income families and individuals with nutrition assistance.

  3. Operating – Hennepin County is an employer with an 8,000 person workforce. (In Minnesota, this is similar to a Best Buy or Medtronic) This is divided into four lines of business – Health and Human Services, Public Safety, Public Works, and Operations.

Angela Vang