How do County Commissioners spend their time?

Jointly, the seven County Commissioners serve three core functions:

  1. Setting countywide policy

  2. Influencing regional and statewide policy

  3. Addressing issues that impact those who live, work, and spend time in Hennepin County


How does the County Commission set countywide policy?

The Hennepin County Commission works with the County Administrator’s Office to ensure effective delivery of County services. In this way, the County Administrator’s Office is kind of like a County wide CEO who provides direction over the County workforce.

How does the County Commission set regional and statewide policy?

Regionally, the Hennepin County Commission works with local City Councils, Park Boards, Mayors, and the Metropolitan Council to advance County services and projects.

Statewide, the County Commission approves legislative proposals and platforms that the County lobbies for at the State Legislature. 

How does the County Commission address constituent issues?

The Hennepin County Commission, along with the County Sheriff and County Attorney, are the only publicly elected officials at the County level. While the Sheriff and Attorney play specific roles in the community, Commissioners have a unique ability to solve everyday problems and implement long-term solutions.

Angela Vang