How does the County serve me?

It is Hennepin County’s mission to ensure the health, safety, and quality of life of our residents while envisioning a future that is vibrant and successful. Residents see this work through the County programs we interact with every day.

How does Hennepin County support health?

Hennepin County funds and supports a wide range of public health and emergency services from restaurant inspections and licensing to Northpoint Health and Wellness Center, a fully equipped medical clinic and service agency located in north Minneapolis.


How does Hennepin County support safety?

Hennepin County provides countless services including housing options, road maintenance, and programs like the Complete Streets which address the infrastructure needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders.


How does Hennepin County support quality of life?

Hennepin County is continually seeking to improve the lives of residents by funding our libraries, supporting our parks, and funding initiatives like Hennepin Youth Sports, which builds and renovates youth sports facilities across the County,  


 Who oversees these programs and processes?

As discussed in previous #CommishDishes, Hennepin County is governed by a 7-person board called the County Commission. These commissioners work with 8,000+ County staff to guarantee that services run smoothly while meeting your needs.

Angela Vang