So, what is a County Commissioner anyway?

County Commissioners are important leaders in our community who make decisions that impact our everyday lives. More specifically, they work with County staff to oversee a 2.4 billion dollar budget to provide services and address our most pressing issues.

What is the County Commission?

We have states and we have cities. In between, we have counties. Hennepin County is the most populated in Minnesota, with 45 cities and 1.2 million people. It is organized into 7 districts. Each district elects a County Commissioner and those 7 people make up the County Commission, also known as the County Board.

Hennepin County District Map

What areas do County Commissioner’s impact?

The work of a County Commissioner’s affects:

  • Public transit

  • Affordable housing & homelessness

  • Environment & natural resources

  • Transportation infrastructure

  • Jobs & economic development

  • Healthcare

  • Child welfare

  • Criminal justice

Environment, Health, Transit
Angela Vang